Automatic College Bell System Using Labview,Arduino and Soundcard

By using Labview's graphical interface we can easily make a better interface for defining time,and Arduino as a external hardward will be better choice. You know how to interface arduino and labview , if don't better to read my previous posts. ................

TITAN Future Robot

Titan the Robot is an entertainment concept unlike anything on earth and is utilised by event management companies worldwide to add something very special any festival, corporate party or as the ultimate in shopping mall entertainment.

Automatic College Bell System Using Labview,Arduino and Soundcard

By using Labview's graphical interface we can easily make a better interface for defining time,and Arduino as a external hardward will be better choice. You know how to interface arduino and labview , if don't better to read my previous posts. ................

Control car with arduino and labview

This post is about to control a toy car with labview and arduino .

220+ University Projects With full report,circuits and pictures

Having Difficulty in choosing project don't worry, Now you can find all projects from 1999-2007 . Just go for best one

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Real Time Arduino communication with Browser(LabVIEW UI Builder) using WebServices

Using labVIEW UI Builder now any one can remotely monitor their system. LabVIEW UI builder provides GUI interface through whichwe can give input and take output.
Basically in other demos that are available on net mostely are related to compact rio so at
student level we can afford such devices so one method is using arduino with labview.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to interface Arduino and Matlab

Hi,Today i am going to tell you about interfacing of Arduino and Labview as my previous post was about how to interface Arduuino and LabVIEW .
Interfacing Arduino with Matlab is much more easy than LabVIEW you need just one file to upload in Arduino and one file for  Matlab.

Step by Step Startup Guide

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Embed camera in Matlab and take clear snapshots.

Most of Matlab users have problem in taking snapshots,most of time Matlab does not capture clear snapshots but this program is easy to understand and takes clear snapshots. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

2013 - Smarter Planet Challenge Student Competiton

IBM and IEEE are in search of creative team based student projects that can help students at any level learn about applying engineering, science and other disciplines to solve real world problems. It's a great opportunity to put your engineering skills to use…and earn cash prizes too!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


1001 Math Problems is divided into sections, each focusing
on one kind of math:

Section 1:Miscellaneous Math (page 1)
Section 2: Fractions (page 25)
Section 3: Decimals (page 47)
Section 4: Percentages (page 71)

Discover the secretes of Windows 8

When you first use Windows 8 the most obvious change you will notice is the new Start Menu (now called the Start Screen), which automatically appears as you start Windows, and takes up the whole display. At first this sweeping change of design, called the Modern Ul, can be a bit of a shock for even the most experienced Windows user. Some common responses upon first seeing Windows 8 are 'Oh My God! Where's the Desktop?" "What happen to the Start button?" or "How do I find my way around this thing?" 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Best I.T Innovation Awards 2013

IT Innovation Awards 2013, is an awards competition for the best ideas in the information technology arena, from the academia and industry. One award each of Rs. 1 Million will be awarded to the best project/proposal idea in the following categories:

Google Person Finder for loved ones affected by a natural disaster

Google Person Finder is an open source web application that provides a registry and message board for survivors, family, and loved ones affected by a natural disaster to post and search for information about each other's status and whereabouts. It was created by volunteer Google engineers in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gangnam style facebook chat code smiley

Enjoy Gangnam style in fb chat

Latest new facebook chat smiley codes : 2013 codes

Now you can send your favorite comic smiley in chat just copy and paste the code
Angry Bird


Bob Esponja

[[200263193396380]] [[200263203396379]] [[200263223396377]] [[200263230063043]] [[200263243396375]]
[[200263253396374]] [[200263266729706]] [[200263286729704]] [[200263300063036]] [[200263306729702]]
[[200263313396368]] [[200263323396367]] [[200263340063032]] [[200263360063030]] [[200263370063029]]
[[200263390063027]] [[200263413396358]] [[200263423396357]] [[200263433396356]] [[200263456729687]]
[[200263473396352]] [[200263503396349]] [[200263516729681]] [[200263530063013]] [[200263183396381]]

Forever Alone

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Control Car by using PC Keyboard and LabVIEW

Now you can show gaming experience in real world car by Controlling car with PC keyboard this project simply uses a wireless car,LabVIEW and Arduino board.Further modification can be done in this project by embedding camera in front of car or any vehicle and camera output can be viewed in LabVIEW.So just watch video and see how it is working.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Facebook Chat Hack

Using below codes now you can send colored messages just enjoy this hack and share with others.

[[107015582669715]] = A
[[116067591741123]] = B
[[115602405121532]] = C
[[112542438763744]] = D

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hex file for 8051: x8051 and link Dos Assembler for 32 and 64 bit windows 7

Install Procedure:-
1. Unzip the x8051 for 7.
2. Install the DOSBox0.74-win32-installer.
3. Create a folder on C:\ , and rename it x8051.
4. Copy downloaded Link, x8051 Application File and paste it on C:\x8051.
5. Open DOSBox 0.74 from desktop.
6. Write dos command 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Open Society Foundation Photography competition, Win up to $3,500

Are you a photographer?

Then we have an opportunity for you! Approximately 10 cash stipends of $3,500 will be awarded by the Open Society Foundation to photographers to produce a photo essay on a current human rights or social issue in Pakistan. Grantees will participate in two master-level workshops on visual storytelling through photography and multimedia. The deadline for proposals is March 5, 2013. For more information, please visit:

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Scholarship: Prime Minister’s National ICT Scholarship Program 2012 and 2013(PMNICTSP 2012)

National ICT R&D Fund, Ministry of Information Technology has announced Prime Minister National ICT Scholarship Program-2012 (Fall-2012 & Spring-2013 Intakes). The students who are interested & potentially eligible for PMNICTSP 2012 (Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Intakes) may apply. Eligibility Criteria is:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Buy Project Kits

Edgefx Kits – Electronics Projects for Engineering students

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Optical Fiber Communication by John M Senior

Download Free books on single click

Click below to Download

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Get Your Final Year Project Funded - ICT R&D Funding

Funding for your Final Year Project (FYP) is now available for 2012-2013 session via 'National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative'.

The Fund will provide financial support to selected Final Year Projects (FYP) of undergraduate students enrolled in ICT related disciplines like Computer Science & Information Technology, Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Computer, and Software Engineering.

Internship:National ICT Internship Program 2013

National ICT Internship Program 2013

Pakistan Software Export Board in collaboration with National ICT R&D Fund has launched a new internship program titled “National ICT Internship program”. Through this program, PSEB will deploy 800 graduates with 16 years academic degrees who aim to develop a career in the ICT industry. While including ICT graduates the program shall also accommodate not more than 25% of students from the non-ICT discipline.

Scholarship:Organization of Islamic Coorporation

5 OIC Scholarship for undergraduate programs for year 2013-2014 (Commencing from September 2013. In following programs:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering

Monday, 14 January 2013

So Which is Better: LabVIEW, or C?

“Why is LabVIEW better than C?” As a LabVIEW Product Manager, I get asked this question a lot.
Honestly, it is the wrong question to ask. It becomes a valid question with a little nuance and application context (for example, “Which is better for this task, under these constraints?”). Without this detail, it’s like asking why bread is better than flour. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Find Best Project Ideas

If you have difficulty in selecting your final year project (FYP) then just follow bellow link and you will get many ideas . If you know labview GUI programming than it is much better because all projects are implemented by using labview and other hardwares,but does not matter one can get idea what

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Experimental German Lasers Destroy Drones, Simulated Mortars

A German company has brought us one step closer to the kinds of shootouts only seen in Sci-Fi films. Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall Defense recently tested a 50kW, high-energy laser at their proving ground facility in Switzerland. According to the company, the laser passed the test with “flying colours.”

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Digital modulation in Labview

Using labview one can create digital lab in one computer by using labview  modulation toolkit it has following features.
  • Simulate and measure impairments including DC offset, I/Q gain imbalance, and quadrature skew