Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Internship:National ICT Internship Program 2013

National ICT Internship Program 2013

Pakistan Software Export Board in collaboration with National ICT R&D Fund has launched a new internship program titled “National ICT Internship program”. Through this program, PSEB will deploy 800 graduates with 16 years academic degrees who aim to develop a career in the ICT industry. While including ICT graduates the program shall also accommodate not more than 25% of students from the non-ICT discipline.

The goals of the project are multiple. These include;
Meet industry needs for fresh graduates with relevant and latest training in most demanded areas as determined by the industry.
To give an opportunity to the graduates of the country and make them contributing members of the ICT industry & IT department of the public sector organizations. This will be accomplished through a 4 month internship at ICT companies & IT department of the public sector organizations. At least 25% of the interns would be given advanced training in key areas most demanded by the industry before internship placements. ICT companies & IT department of the public sector organizations would be given an opportunity to nominate the interns out of the selected ones for the free training program duly offered by PSEB.
PSEB, Ministry of IT & Telecom has launched a new internship program for the recent ICT Graduates. Internship duration is 04 months and PSEB is paying following stipends;
ICT Graduates = Rs.16,000/- per month
Non-ICT Graduates = Rs.12,000/- per month
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