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Electronics Project Ideas

  • Adaptive Active Phased Array Radar
  • HDMI (High definition media interface)
  • Temperature Controlled Fan
  • More Electronics Projects
  • (pdf) file about project ideas
  • Computer controlled Rc Cars
  • Mobile Control Electrical Appliances
  • Embedded System Projects
  • Wireless sensor Networks
  • Cell-Phone Home Controller
  • Cleaning Robots
  • Computer Controlled Cars
  • Human Tracking Fan System
  • RFID Based Mobile Payment System
  • Roadside Kiosk-Assisted Traffic Data
  • Sonar Marauder's Map: Batman cell phone sonar
  • A Wireless Programmable Pace Clock
  • Camera LED Projector Combo: Camera with LED Projector
  • WYSIWYG Environment Controller: Universal Remote Control-Literally
  • Wireless In-Home Entertainment Data Distribution
  • Electronic Elevator
  • Cellular Phones as Traffic Pattern Sensors
  • Cellular Phone Heads Up Display
  • Blue-tooth Distance Approximations
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring
  • Positioning System using Blue-tooth Technology
  • House Sensor System
  • Highway WiFi Network
  • Voice-Controlled Remotes
  • Wireless Video Transmission on Multiple Screens
  • Wireless Hard Drive
  • Ambient Power Harvesting
  • Television White space Messaging
  • Automatic car stopper
  • Voice to Text
  • Wireless [Lost] Item Finder
  • In-Home Coordinate System
  • Wireless Home Monitoring
  • Wireless Car Security System
  • Smart Fridge Tablet PC
  • Home Power Controller
  • Network Police
  • Design and development of Touch Screen
  • Design and development of MEMS based touch free Mobile
  • Voice operated intelligent mobile phone with GPS
  • Automatic Geo positioning and SMS alert on road traffic density
  • Finger print based security access system
  • Graphical LCD and memory stick based text book reading system
  • Voice activated hospital bed control system
  • Bluetooth based wireless home automation system
  • Android smart phone intelligent home system
  • Voice operated multipurpose robotic system
  • Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired
  • Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger (IEEE-2007)
  • Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control.
  • GPS based universal clock. Gets the time from satellites and displays on GLCD.
  • Micro controller based online examination system with dynamic questions.
  • Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting.
  • GPS based vehicle travel location-logging system. This System stores the traveler's geographical location and speed at an interval of one second and is stored in to 1GB MMC/SD memory card.
  • SMS based remote SIM card's address book access system.
  • Micro controller based digital clock with Graphical LCD and Sanskrit font (or any regional font) Numbers.
  • Micro controller based virtual boundary/fencing for Wild Animals.
  • GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police.
  • Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system.
  • RFID/Mi-fare/Smart Card based security access control systems.
  • GPS and GSM based real-time vehicle tracking on Google Earth (with two GSM Modems)
  • Implementation of wireless sensors network for Wild Fire monitoring system.
  • Real-time Heartbeat Monitoring system with display on Graphical LCD and Voice based alerting system.
  • Touch screen operated liquid dispensing system.
  • Infrared (IR) remote controlled Muscle Stimulator with duration and intensity control.
  • GPS based border alert system for fishermen.
  • MEMS Accelerometer based digital photo frame with automatic position/ view adjustment system (similar to digital cameras).
  • Wireless Heart/Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Wireless Car Starter
  • Wireless Camera
  • Photo Sharing
  • Paperless News
  • Remote Controlled Car
  • Wireless power delivery
  • Electrical Storage Trough
  • Wireless Mobile Chargers
  • Wireless Identity Widget 

 Industrial automation projects

1. Annealing process control system using LABVIEW

2. Attendance recorder with auto dialer and door sensor using microcontroller

3. Authentication, security and automation through the Bluetooth

4. Auto filling system

5. Automation, security system and information system using GSM with embedded system

6. Automatic car control and monitoring system using CAN

7. Automatic car parking system

8. Automatic climate controller fan with auto light control

9. Automatic college bell controller with bell

10. Automatic dam shutter controlling system

11. Automatic disc parking system

12. Automatic drips control for patients

13. Automatic control for DVD player

14. Automatic e-pill cutting and dispensing mechanism

15. Automatic fire extinguisher for trains with auto stop using embedded system

16. Automatic flaw detection and quality management in fabric

17. Automatic intelligent plant irrigation system

18. Automatic intelligent plant irrigation system for agricultural using LABVIEW

19. Automatic load share with generator controller

20. Automatic load sharing in distribution transformer

21. Automatic lubricating device for machine tools using microcontroller

22. Automatic over speed control system for the school and the college zone

23. Automatic railway gate control

24. Automatic railway gate control using embedded system

25. Automatic railway station identification system using embedded system

26. Automatic ration teller shop

27. Automatic temperature controlled fan

28. Automatic tyre pressure indicator

29. Automatic wireless dish antenna positioning system

30. Automatic zone based control of vehicles

31. Automation and annunciation using GSM

32. Automation of industrial coolant system

33. Automation of tollgate using embedded system

34. Automation of vehicle

35. CAN bus based distributed fuel system with smart components

36. Car reverse control using ultrasonic ray

37. Cell phone operated motor speed controller for stepper motor

38. Closed loop wireless water level controller with indicator using LABVIEW

39. Coin based electronic conductor

40. Coin based mobile charger

41. Coin distributor using embedded system

42. Coin operated internet system using embedded system

43. Coin operated mobile phone charger using embedded system

44. Density based traffic signaling system

45. Design of a smart home based on FPGA

46. Digital answering machine for home visitor using embedded system

47. Digital code lock for vehicles

48. Distance calculator for vehicle cum mileage projector

49. Driver alertness detection system using embedded system

50. Electrical appliances control through pc based on mc

51. Electricity billing through RF modem

52. Electricity billing using smart sim card technology with wireless recharging

53. Electronic power steering

54. Electronic train accident prevention system

55. Electronic transformer testing and monitoring using embedded system

56. Embedded based automatic disc parking system

57. Embedded based electrical appliances controlling system using cell phone

58. Embedded based hardware lock for software with pc interface

59. Embedded based intelligent braking system

60. Embedded based material tracking information system

61. Embedded based maximum demand controller for industries

62. Embedded based monitoring and control system of agriculture motor with protection system

63. Embedded based parking radar

64. Embedded based pollution controller for industries

65. Embedded based sensor operated automatic track guided vehicle

66. Embedded based sky car parking system

67. Embedded based student identification system

68. Embedded based student tracking

69. Embedded based voice assisted telephone system with edit and speed dial facility

70. Embedded based voice translator

71. Embedded control coach counting and automated signaling system in railways using RFID

72. Embedded system based accident identification system

73. Emergency braking system

74. Emergency power shutdown management system

75. Energy harvesting using piezo electric crystal fully integrated on foot wear

76. Energy saver for street light

77. Energy saver for street lights with dimmer using embedded system

78. Energy saver with in/out counter

79. Enhanced spatial resolution of person detection in a PIR based surveillance network.

80. E-number plate and vehicle theft and misuse identification system

81. Eye blink sensor for accident avoiding sys

82. Eye movement sensed communicating media for paralyzed person using embedded system

83. Eye movement sensed media player using embedded system

84. Eyeball operated patient helping system

85. Eyeball operated wheel chair using embedded system

86. Eyeball operated wheel chair with ZIGBEE patient monitoring using embedded system

87. Eye blink identification and driver drowsiness detection with accident avoiding and braking system

88. Fabrication of motorized painting robot

89. Fault identification and protection of induction motor using lab view

90. Fault identification in power transmission line using embedded system

91. Film roll cutter

92. Finger print based security system

93. Finger print based vehicle ignition system

94. Fingerprint voting machine using embedded system

95. Fire alarm with auto dialer

96. Fire alert system through mobile

97. Fire fighting robot using embedded system with power cutoff

98. Fixed fire fighting robot

99. Flying model robot

100. FPGA based real time power converter for wind energy conversion system

101. FPGA based system for enhancing medication safety and healthcare for inpatients using RFID

102. FPGA implementation of wireless personal area network for defense authentication system

103. Gas leakage detection and indication system in automobiles

104. Intelligent gas leakage detector with auto dialing using embedded system

105. Geo fencing system using embedded system

106. Geo fencing system using embedded system with voice announcement

107. Glucose flow rate controller

108. Goods transfer system for conveyors

109. GPS based bus tracking system

110. GPS based high-tech vehicle

111. GPS based multipurpose agri robot

112. GSM based accident location identification

113. GSM based automated gas booking

114. GSM based automatic line failure reporting system

115. GSM based speed control of single phase induction motor

116. GSM based weather station with information center

117. Heart beat monitor using OFC

118. Heart beat recorder

119. High current DC motor controller using embedded system

120. High tech home security system

121. Home appliances control through the blue tooth

122. Home automation system using ZIGBEE

123. Home automation using microcontroller

124. Home automation using mobile phone

125. Home power line fault indicate to EB office

126. Hospital management system using GSM and micro controller

127. Hybrid technology in two wheeler

128. Hybrid vehicle

129. Implementation of intelligent fault analysis for industries

130. Implementation of demand management in power system

131. Implementation of dual mode optical communication

132. Implementation of LABVIEW based wireless generator automation system

133. Implementation of LIN protocol for microcontroller communication

134. Implementation of wireless attendance recorder security system

135. Implementation of wireless SCADA for industrial automation using LABVIEW

136. Implementation of engine analyzer wireless aircraft monitoring SCADA system using LABVIEW and


137. Improvement of speed and accuracy in switched reluctance motor using embedded system

138. Improving the signal data acquisition in condition monitoring of electrical machines using LABVIEW

139. Industrial automation CAN changer for textile

140. Industrial monitoring and control system using embedded system

141. Industrial safety system

142. Industrial safety system with control

143. LABVIEW based boiler monitoring system using embedded system

144. LABVIEW based data acquisition and control system for machines in industries

145. PID based annealing process control system using LABVIEW

146. PID based speed control of universal motor using Bluetooth

147. Power optimization in power system through wireless smart meter

148. SCADA for industrial monitoring and control

149. SCADA for power plant

150. SCADA instrumentation for power plant

151. SCADA system for substation automation using LABVIEW

152. SCADA system in wastewater treatment using LABVIEW

153. Sensor operated paper counting machine

154. Research on the automatic detection system for cracked egg based on LABVIEW(IEEE 2010)

155. Automatic control of a headstock gear based on PLC for water conservancy(IEEE 2010)

156. Lab view-base automatic rising and falling speed control of stepper motor(IEEE 2010)

157. Low voltage motor protection & control – industrial process applications(IEEE 2010)

158. Wireless machine monitoring and control for educational purpose(IEEE 2010)

159. LABVIEW based mobile robot navigation system(IEEE 2010)

160. Wireless health monitoring system(IEEE 2010)

161. Wireless measurement and control system for environmental parameters in greenhouse(IEEE 2010)

162. Design for battery energy manage system based on LABVIEW(IEEE 2010)

163. Automating the residential thermostat based on house occupancy(IEEE 2010)

164. Application of real-time control system using LABVIEW in distance-learning(IEEE 2010)

165. Application of prognostic and health management technology on aircraft fuel system(IEEE 2010)

166. Human-observation-based extraction of path patterns for mobile robot navigation(IEEE 2010)

167. Improvement of heat furnace temperature control system via model free control method(IEEE 2010)

168. A high-efficiency dimmable led driver for low-power lighting applications(IEEE 2010)

169. Design of health relaxation system based on biofeedback from finger sensors(IEEE 2010)

170. Multiphase power converter drive for fault - tolerant machine development in aerospace

applications(IEEE 2010)

171. Early detection method of corrosion on buried steel gas pipeline using wireless sensor network(IEEE


172. Remote laboratory data management system based on LABVIEW(IEEE 2010)

173. Pressure sensor implementation for head media spacing reduction(IEEE 2010)

174. The design of home portable medical monitor based on SCM and sensor(IEEE 2010)

175. A solar panels automatic tracking system based on delta PLC(IEEE 2010)

176. PLC based operation of three natural gas generator models - a learning aid for undergraduate

177. Students(IEEE 2010)

178. Industrial application of nonlinear model predictive control technology for fuel ethanol fermentation

process(IEEE 2009)

179. A single-chip CMOS smoke and temperature sensor for an intelligent fire detector(IEEE 2009)

180. A ZIGBEE-based home automation system(IEEE 2009)

181. Research on railway coach electric safety monitoring system(IEEE 2009)

182. LABVIEW modeling and simulation of a hydrogen based photovoltaic /wind energy system(IEEE 2009)

183. Design of ice-storage air conditioning control system based on PLC and touching screen(IEEE 2009)

184. A high efficiency autonomous street lighting system based on solar energy and leds(IEEE 2009)

185. Real –time DC servo motor position control by PID controllers using LABVIEW(2009)

186. FPGA based micro-PLC design approach(2009)

187. The diagnosis system of mechanical fault based on LABVIEW platform and its

188. Application

189. Study of elevator safety performance test system based on LABVIEW

190. Modeling of MEMS based temperature sensor and temperature control in a petrochemical

191. Industry using LABVIEW.

192. A real-time simulation system of wind power based on LABVIEW DSC module and

193. MATLAB/simulink

194. System of automation of an industrial plant of elaborating and packing of industrial detergent

195. A web-based distributed measurement system for electrical power quality monitoring

196. Design and application of auto-constant water supply system

197. Design of traffic lights controlling system based on PLC and configuration technology

198. A solar panels automatic tracking system based on omron PLC(IEEE 2008)

199. A web-based remote access laboratory using SCADA(IEEE 2008)

200. Application of communication and remote control in PLC based on ZIGBEE technology(IEEE 2008)

201. Development on automatic conveying system for dangerous goods(IEEE 2008)

202. The design and implementation of a low cost temperature control system for agriculture

203. Greenhouses(IEEE 2008)

204. Design of temperature control device underground coal mine based on at89s52(IEEE 2008)

205. Mine pump comprehensive performance testing system based on LABVIEW(IEEE 2008)

206. Real –time DC servo motor position control by PID controllers using LABVIEW(IEEE 2008)

207. Application of ZIGBEE for pollution monitoring caused by automobile exhaust gases(IEEE 2008)

208. Design and implementation of supervisory control schemes in industrial automation

209. Systems(2008)

210. Implementation of a LABVIEW-based automated wind tunnel instrumentation system(IEEE 2008)

211. Fault detection and protection of induction motors using sensors(IEEE 2008)

212. Integrating a bed sensor in a smart home monitoring system(IEEE 2008)

213. Real time mailbox alert system via SMS or email(IEEE 2008)

214. Design and implementation of PLC-based monitoring control system for induction motor(IEEE 2008)

215. Automated green house status monitoring and control system(IEEE 2008)

216. Automatic railway gate control using microcontroller(IEEE 2008)

217. Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school and college zone(IEEE 2008)

218. Boiler automation of temperature, water level monitoring & control system using PLC(IEEE 2008)

219. Brushless DC motor control using PLC

220. Design and application of auto-constant water supply system

221. Design and development of an automatic small-scale house for teaching domestics

222. A wearable inductor channel design for blood pressure monitoring system in daily life

223. Fire exposure and automatic indication system using PLC

224. Improvement of ZIGBEE mobile router for supporting network mobility in healthcare classification

225. Low voltage motor protection & control – industrial process applications

226. Home appliances control & status indication through alarm

227. Intelligent agricultural system with weather monitoring

228. Microcontroller based power transformer testing using wireless communication

229. Wireless remote motor starter with acknowledgement using solar energy for agricultural

230. Application

231. SCADA based industrial fluid parameter monitoring and control system

232. Low voltage motor protection & control – industrial process applications

233. ICU care taker –life support system using RF with bp& heart beat monitoring

234. Microcontroller based aeronautical crash prevention system through RF communication

235. SCADA implementation for power generator performance and condition monitoring system

236. Power plant scrutinizing system using SCADA

237. A low-cost microcontroller-based wireless ECG-blood pressure tele monitor for home care

238. Two legged robot design , simulation and realization

239. SCADA system for turbine speed control and management in power plants

240. LABVIEW-base automatic rising and falling speed control of stepper motor

241. Supervisory control and data acquisition system for power distribution systems

242. The research and design of the belt grinder which based on PLC

243. Unmanned automated car parking for parking area using sensors with PLC

244. Vehicle safety system with fuel and alcohol detection and indication

245. Wireless measurement and control system for environmental parameters in greenhouse

246. PLC-based measurement of electrical data in photovoltaic energy systems

247. “smart house” and “smart-energy” applications of low-power RFID-based wireless sensors

248. Design and implementation of intelligent fault diagnosis system

249. Annealing process control system using LABVIEW

250. Automated green house using LABVIEW

251. Automated testing of pumps using LABVIEW

252. Automatic intelligent plant irrigation system for agricultural using LABVIEW

253. Fault identification and protection of induction motor using lab view

254. Fault identification in power transmission line using embedded system

255. Implementation of LABVIEW based wireless generator automation system

256. Improving the signal data acquisition in condition monitoring of electrical machines using LABVIEW

257. Vi based fault detection in induction motor using embedded system

258. Vi based robo ARM control using embedded system

259. Vi based wireless robo control for remote surgery

260. Vibration analyzer for sustainability of building using LABVIEW

261. Vibration analyzer using LABVIEW

262. PLC based automatic car wash

263. PLC based coffee vending machine

264. PLC based direct online starter

265. PLC based irrigation system

266. PLC based motor control

267. PLC based push and pop robo

268. PLC based star delta starter

269. PLC design using PIC controller

270. Synchronization of alternator using PLC
Description of some of projects may be provided upon request


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