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1001 Math Problems is divided into sections, each focusing
on one kind of math:

Section 1:Miscellaneous Math (page 1)
Section 2: Fractions (page 25)
Section 3: Decimals (page 47)
Section 4: Percentages (page 71)

Section 5: Algebra (page 95)
Section 6: Geometry (page 123)

Each section is subdivided into short sets of about 16 problems each, so as to make the whole project seem
less overwhelming.You will begin with one or two sets of fairly simple nonword problems; later sets focus on word problems dealing with real-world situations.

In each section, you will find a few pre-algebra problems mixed in—problems that ask you to deal with variables (letters that stand for unknown numbers, such as x or y), exponents (those little numbers hanging above the other numbers, like 24), and the like. These problems are a warm-up for Section 5, Algebra. If they are too hard for you at first, just skip them. If you can answer them, you will be ahead of the game when you get to Section 5.

The most important learning tool in this book is not the problems, but the answers. At the back of the book, each answer is fully explained.After you finish a set, go to the back of the book and see how many questions you got right. But don’t stop there: look at the explanations for all the questions, both the ones you got right and the ones you got wrong.You will be learning by doing, and learning from your mistakes—the best way to learn any subject.

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