Saturday, 22 June 2013

Best I.T Innovation Awards 2013

IT Innovation Awards 2013, is an awards competition for the best ideas in the information technology arena, from the academia and industry. One award each of Rs. 1 Million will be awarded to the best project/proposal idea in the following categories:

- Academia
- Industry professionals/Self-employed

Proposals are invited for both of the above categories.  All the contestants should either hold a Pakistani nationality or should be serving in Pakistan and the submitted proposal must have a strong relevance to the needs of Pakistan.  Award details and forms available at

?       Proposal submissions Deadline:                  July15, 2013
?       Announcement of shortlisted proposals:          November 1, 2013
?       Presentation & final evaluation:                        December 16-18, 2013
(During FIT 2013,

Venue: Serene Hotel, Islamabad


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