Saturday, 10 November 2012

Automatic College Bell System Using Labview,Arduino and Soundcard

May be you have ever searched projects of automatic bell system and you found a lot of projects on internet but all these projects are much complicated and time consuming .Most of bell system projects are microcontroller based,may be you don't the programming of microcontroller than it is more than complicated.Why not we find another way to make this project instead of
using lot of resistors transistors capacitors,microconrollers etc .We just use a single software LABVIEW you all know what is labview.

By using Labview's graphical interface we can easily make a better interface for defining time,and Arduino as a external hardward will be better choice.
You know how to interface arduino and labview , if don't better to read my previous posts.
Below pic is defining my each word clearly.

We have another choice for selecting hardware rather than arduino,As we are using just one pin of arduino for just on or off of bell hence it is just like wasting our arduino for sake of one pin,why not select another hardware.Soundcard is best choice for selecting substitute hardware.lavbiew will generate a sound a beep when your defined time gets equal to system's time and by using headphone wire and amplifier you can turn on or off bell.

If there are many departments in a university and want to synchronise all bells this means all bell rings at same time this is also possible.You have to make a server program and just define bell time in server program and all client programs installed in other departements PCs.These client programs will access the server by using lan network or wifi network.

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