Saturday, 10 November 2012

Simple Robotic Hand using Labview,Arduino and Servos

Today i am going to show you how to interface servo motors with arduino and labview.
I hope you know how to interface arduino and labview if you don't no problem just click link here is complete tutorial about interfacing arduino and labview

1)Arduino microcontroller board.
2)Three position control servos. Make sure they are not full rotation or continuous motion servos.

3)5 volt power supply

First of all we need to know about servo motors we don't go for working principle of  servo but just limited to pin.

As 5 volt can't be given to 3 servo motors from board we need another power supply if you don't have don't worry.Everyone has mobile ofcourse with charger ,most of charger of 5 volt if we take nokia chargers there specification is 5 volt and 980mA it is enough to drive 3 servos so just small  cut wire and attach servos.
Make sure ground of servo and arduino is same.
Now let's make simple robotic hand i have some pics of hand you can get little concept


Hope you got this below is downloading link of labview file,you can make your own robot design by using different servo motors but you can get idea of program by downloading .vi file


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