Thursday, 5 July 2012

Embed Free Internet TV streams into your Blog or Website Tutorial

Embed Free Internet TV streams into your Blog or Website Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to have a customised TV blog or website showing a certain internet TV channel or channels, After all its pretty neat huh?

Think of the possibilities. You can start up a free Blog at the many free blogging sites such as or various others and add a selection of channels that you like onto your page. So for example if your into Sports. Put on ABC Sports, Eurosport, Golfbug or Raceworld channels amongst other great sports feeds.
If your more into childrens TV then add Galaxy Cartoons, Smile of a child TV, ABC kids or many more great Childrens TV Streams.

With Categories including :-
Business Channels
Children Channels
Educational Channels
Entertainment Channels
Government Channels
Lifestyle Channels
Movie Channels
Music Channels
New Channels
News Channels Live
News Channels On Demand
Religious Channels
                                                                             Shopping Channels
                                                                             Sports Channels
                                                                             Weather Channels
                                                                             Webcam Channels

Your choice is unlimited to make a custom website.
OK so now ive got your tastebuds tickled, how do you put a stream on your Blog or Website?
Well thats easy, just find the stream you want and after running the stream you will see below the screen the following:-


Add this Stream to your Website or Blog:
Embed: Copy this code if you want the actual stream showing on your blog or website
Link: Copy this code for just linking to the stream so anyone clicking on it will just come straight to the stream and view it.
Before you know it you will have a customised and unique Internet TV blog or site of your choice.
Please add any comments or further advice for internet tv streaming on your own website


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