Sunday, 14 October 2012

Enjoy Facebook and Youtube with Tor Browser when blocked in school

Getting Started

First of all download Tor Browser from link.
After downloading the Tor Browser Bundle, double-click the downloaded EXE file and extract it to your hard drive. The Tor Browser Bundle requires no installation, so you can extract it to a USB stick and run it from there.

the Start Tor Browser.exe file in the Tor Browser folder.

The EXE file will launch Vidalia, which connects to the Tor network. After connecting, Vidalia will automatically open Tor’s customized Firefox browser.

Click on Settings than click network and give your proxy

Vidalia automatically launches the Tor Browser once it connects. When you close the browser, Vidalia automatically disconnects from Tor and closes.

Vidalia creates a local proxy on your system. The Tor Browser Bundle is configured to route all your traffic through it by default, as we can see here in the Tor Browser’s connection settings window. You can configure other programs to access Tor through the proxy, but they may reveal your IP address in other ways.

Use the Tor Browser to browse the web just as you would with a normal browser. It’s pre-configured with Startpage and DuckDuckGo, search engines that respect your privacy.

Inorder to run Tor on Chorme or other browsers just change the proxy

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  1. This is very interesting to open YouTube when it is blocked but after open this software my explorer started crashing and then i found a way to open YouTube without using any vpn or any software and it was just click to open YouTube at my school and it was amazing access youtube at school