Saturday, 11 August 2012

Encyclopedia Of 1000 Circuits

This is  version of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits has 1000 electronic circuit schematics. Schematics are viewed with the SuperCAD viewer (VIEW), which is a reduced version of SuperCAD and is designed for faster and simplified operation when used with the Encyclopedia. 

The Encyclopedia also has the full-up version of SuperCAD for editing schematics as well as other, locked software. There are also on-line manuals for each software package.

To view the schematic for a given circuit topic, first go to the topic by clicking on the name in one of the categories (e.g., RADIO CIRCUITS). Then just click on the VIEW button in  the button bar. This will call up the schematic viewer and load the schematic associated with the given topic.

See the associated help file for operation of both the Encyclopedia and the Schematic Viewer.

Prepared by:

Mental Automation, Inc.
5415 136th Place SE
Bellevue WA 98006
(206) 641-2141
(206) 649-0767 (FAX)

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